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Nice to see you, folks!

Do you want to look fit and look good in all your favorite dresses?

Do you want to feel more energetic in your work and feel happy?

Do you want to listen to those confidence boosting comments on your body?

Then now is the right time for you to start! Stand and start working out to make a fit and lean body of your dream before it is too late. I started this journey in 2014. I was in my 20s and I was always am very energetic.

It is easier for a young one to physical hard work because your body will support you to the core. Once you have grown old you tend to lose your energy and starting any physical activity will be a big task for you. To do something big tomorrow you need to start something big today.

Here are few tips on how to motivate you for workouts::

  1. Stand and Start: Yes, honestly, it is just a matter of time that one wants to actually do your workout. Once you stand and get ready to go to the gym, you would automatically feel like doing it. It is all about leaving your bed and start. Your mind works according to the situation. Till you are comfortable lying on your bed and not wanted to go to the gym your mind will say, let’s not go! But once you are ready washed your face, comes out of that comfort zone you end up feeling like going to gym and workout.
  2. Never say I cannot do it: We are the controller of our own mind. Your body acts according to your mind. As long as your mind is ready to do something your body will support it. Once your mind gives up the thing your body will never stand and deliver the goal. Never gives up, keep working on your goal and set small weekly targets which are easy to meet. I never started to meet something when I started my workout. It was a daily routine job for me that I had to finish doing it. I never did work out to be fit or look muscular in the beginning because I always knew that the body is hard to change. Seeing results on your body takes ages. Hence, I made my mind to not to think too much about my changes in my body, rather I use to think more on completing my daily task of working out.
  3. Think about the positives: It is very common for most of us to think about the negatives of work out. Most of the times we end up keep thinking about the pains that our body is going through. We mostly forget the simple benefits of it. For example, when I started working out I knew I get the world’s best sleep and I feel really hungry before I sit in front of the food every day. These two simple things made me motivated towards doing it daily. I never concentrated much on how my biceps are changing and how my chest is coming into shape. Eyeing on the small benefits of work out will let you not stop doing it every day. You will automatically experience a change when you do not do a workout and that remind you of its benefits.

All about belly fat and how to reduce it?

Targeting Visceral fat is as easy as storing it. It is metabolically active fat and is stored as well as targeted easily by caloric deficit diet or doing few days of cardio activity. Since it is easy to store, makes it most threatening in terms of your health. An excessive amount of this fat can cause chronic disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

Subcutaneous fat is the fat stored underneath your skin. It is far more stubborn fat and is difficult to lose. It does not carry the same health risk as visceral fat. Your ability to reduce this fat depends on the intense level of exercise. Your body holds subcutaneous fat for emergency cases like starvation or in case of women childbearing.

Your body uses excess fat during a workout when experiencing a caloric deficit diet. Belly fat is the first fat to be mobilized in your body. Lesser the visceral fat in your body sooner your body will start targeting subcutaneous fat in your body. Target on a caloric deficit diet and a properly scheduled workout to get rid of belly fat which includes visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

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