All about belly fat and how to reduce it?

Targeting Visceral fat is as easy as storing it. It is metabolically active fat and is stored as well as targeted easily by caloric deficit diet or doing few days of cardio activity. Since it is easy to store, makes it most threatening in terms of your health. An excessive amount of this fat can cause chronic disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.
Subcutaneous fat is the fat stored underneath your skin. It is far more stubborn fat and is difficult to lose. It does not carry the same health risk as visceral fat. Your ability to reduce this fat depends on the intense level of exercise. Your body holds subcutaneous fat for emergency cases like starvation or in case of women childbearing. Your body uses excess fat during a workout when experiencing a calory deficit diet. Belly fat is the first fat to be mobilized in your body. Leser the visceral fat in your body sooner your body will start targeting subcutaneous fat in your body. Target on a calory deficit diet and a properly scheduled workout to get rid of belly fat which includes visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.


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